The Comic

It's the Kingdom Wizard's 211th Birthday, and he'll do everything in his power to stop the party, in this fantasy-comedy suitable for all readers.

STATS: Self published, 38 pages black and white interior with a colour cover,
Bonus content: Character sketchbook, Drawing-a-page tutorial, Making-Of Comic
Fantasy & Humor
All ages


"Silly Kingdom features some of the best and most expressive cartooning I have seen in years, and the charming story is both sweet and hilarious. The Shanahans are simply brilliant!"
-Kazu Kibuishi ("Amulet", "Flight", "Copper")

"This is a book that you will want to buy for that young reader in your family to introduce them to the joys that can be found within the covers of a well done comic book. I have a feeling that once they are done with Silly Kingdom that they will be a comic book fan for life."
-Matthew Szewczyk ("First Comic News")

"I WANT THIS ON MY SHELF. Adorable, pitch-perfect art from Katie and a hilarious story from Shaggy—I could read this every day!!"
-Svetlana Chmakova ("Nightschool", "Dramacon")

"Love your work. Book is gorgeous!! So fun. Looking forward to more :) "
-Lar deSouza ("Looking for Group", "Least I could do")

"Yeah, this book is totally rad."
- Jason Caffoe ("Flight", art director on "Amulet")


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